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Pill Crushers

     Pill crushers are used to grind pills into powder to be easily consumed. If you have trouble swallowing pills, a pill crusher is for you.

     We offer a high quality of Pill Crushers, these products are essential in care homes in particular. They allow patients who are often unable to swallow their entire medication to swallow an easier way, so it is mandatory to use a Pill Crusher to crush the pills and thus allow patients to proceed with their treatments without problems.

     We offer three different models of Pill Crushers, they are all designed to be used with either VP-240 cups or BP-50 sachets. In this way, the medications once shredded are not scattered and are meticulously kept in the cup or sachet, in this way the crusher is not stained by the pills. These accessories are not included in the purchase of the Pill Crusher.

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