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    We offer a wide range of pill boxes of three kinds: Weekly Pill OrganizersPill Timers & Reminder and Marketing Pill Boxes. A Pill Box is a box that is used to preserve and keep precise doses of medication pills. These Pill Boxes contain at least one compartment and some others contain several compartments. Most often, hospitals are interested in Weekly Pill Boxes that include 7 compartments to serve the 7 days of the week, some are more complex and include 3 to 4 compartments for each day that is for the morning, noon, the evening and if necessary nights.

    Pill Boxes are important for people undergoing treatment, especially if they have trouble remembering which medication to take and at what time. These Pill Boxes not only allow patients to remember but also not to mistake between the medications taken. People under treatment, therefore, feel more independent.

    Pill Timers & Reminders have an alarm that reminds patients of their medication intake by a sound. We also offer Personalized Pill Boxes, which come in different original shapes with drawings depicting when to take the medication pills.

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